Membership Benefits

A. Membership Card and Membership Certificate.

B. Newsletter: A quarterly newsletter with articles about tai chi, other internal styles, and qigong (chi kung), announcements of seminars and tournaments, and more.

C. Seminar/Workshop Discounts: 10% discount on seminars/workshops by renowned masters and hosted by participating member schools.

D. Competition Discounts: $5 discount on registration fee for participating tournaments sanctioned by the USANTCCF.

E. Merchandise Discounts: 10% discount on all items sold on the  USANTCCF website, including books, videos, CDs, and other items.

F. Teaching Certification: Special Federation-sponsored seminars in which a USANTCCF member can be certified to teach a specific style or form by a recognized Master of that style.

G. (School Memberships) Students of member schools receive a $5 discount on individual membership.

Donation Benefits

A. A listing in the next issue of the USANTCCF newsletter mentioning you as donating money to the Federation, as Friend, Sponsor, Benefactor, or Patron. A permanent listing on the (future) USANTCCF website for the same purpose.

B. A letter recognizing your contribution to the Federation.